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Daiwa SS SV- the Steez Killer

IMG_9183When give the choice of spin tackle or baitcaster tackle, I’ll take baitcaster 9 times out of 10, and when I do I’ll reach for a baitcaster it’s a Steez that I usually reach for.

It’s no secret that I love my Steezes, and the Steez baitcaster has been my favourite ever since I used one, and while I’ve had and used plenty of others Daiwa baitcasters (T3, Alphas, PX 68, Tatula, Zonda, Zillion, TDZ, etc) my thoughts generally come back to Steez, and what ever I’m using generally gets compared to the Steez in terms of looks, feel and performance.

While I love the Steez dearly the one thing I always felt was missing from the Steez family was a slow speed model. A slow speed baitcaster I might add has been hard to get in JDM reels in recent years since Japan developed a taste for hi-speed bait finesse reels.



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Leer Locker

Storage in the back of a ute is always a problem, especially when you’re on the road for long periods of time and you have a heap of stuff scattered and jammed into the cab and in the tray.

This new device called the Leer Locker makes it easy to keep the important things safe and secure and at easy reach when you need them.

Check out the Leer Locker.


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