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Hideup HU-300

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You know you want me.

New Daiwa Exist


I was fortunate enough to fish with the new Daiwa Exist last November and they are the bomb. Daiwa’s flagship light tackle spin reel just got better, and from what I hear they’re going to be cheaper.

I will have a review to share once the reel gets released at the JP shows at the end of the month.

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Daiwa JDM Zillion

Kevin VanDam | Bass Masters | Toyota

Now That’s a Suit


I’m a sucker for good wet weather gear. Gore Tex, performance, hi-end stuff and I’m in. So when I saw this one the other day it stopped me in my tracks. Do I think it’s cool? Yes. Will I get one, hell no!

Enjoy the freakiness that it is.

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Megabass Viola













The Daiwa T3 is one of my favourite baitcasters of all time.

Hugely innovative and produced in a variety of different models, both by Daiwa and Megabass, it’s a reel that’s hugely polarising.

Of all the variants of this unique reel this ones my favourite looking model.

There’s just something about the colour scheme of the Megabass Viola that does it for me.

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Fall Bassin’


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