"I wish, I wish, I hadn't killed that fish", Homer Simpson.

Alphas Finesse Custom…..the new kid on the block

I’ve had a few Alphas reels over the years, the first one was the funky purple Alphas 103 back in 2006, since then I’ve owned a couple more of the purple guys, two Alphas R-Editions and the newest addition the Alphas Custom Finesse.

What’s the different between all of them, good question. Fundamentally the bones are the same it’s the retrieve ratio, weight, cosmetics and couple of other points that vary from model to model.

Check out the table below if you want to compare and contrast the specs. Any way back to the main focus of this post the new Alphas Custom Finesse.

Spec Alphas 103 Alphas R-Edition Alphas Finesse Custom
Weight 180 grams 170 grams 190 grams
Ratio 5.8:1 5.8:1 6.8:1
Bearings 6 + 1 8 + 1 6 + 1
Drag 4kg 4kg 4kg
Cast Control Magforce V Magforce V Magforce V
Notable Features great colour carbon crank handle, cork knobs shallow spool, made for casting light lures
Water Type saltwater saltwater freshwater only

Essentially the Finesse Custom has come about due to the growth in the new approach known as ‘Bait Finesse’, which in short means using baitcaster tackle for throwing ultra light lures. Small jigs, and plugs are the favs. In some ways it like what we do here but we use spin tackle. God bless the Japanese for taking an existing approach and putting a twist on it.

How does the reel and the bait finesse approach work in Oz? I’m still yet to find out. I have a couple of Black Labels on order that are designed specifically for the task so as I soon as I get them in my sweaty little hands I’ll be hitting the water to find out how they and the Alphas Finesse Custom goes. In readiness for it, I’ve pimped out the reel with some coloured coded RCS knobs and spooled it up with 8lb fluorocarbon, so I’m already to go.

I’ll also be keen to see how the reel compares to the other Alphas models in the Daiwa stable. While I haven’t road tested the Finesse Custom as yet the guys at Tackle Tour have and written all about it. Click here to check out their breakdown on the reel.

Stay tuned for my ramblings once I finally get a chance to fish it.

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