"I wish, I wish, I hadn't killed that fish", Homer Simpson.


Papuan Black Bass Fishing

Great surface vision, great casting skills, and awesome fish.

Daiwa Woofer Type R

IMG_1309The dogs of war have been unleashed with the return of the famous TD Vibration Woofer. Back and better than ever the new Woofer has received the full Type R treatment to make it more dynamic and performance driven than ever before.

Featuring a lower centre of gravity, super tuned body and improved balance, the TD Vibration Woofer Type R casts with perfect balance for maximum casting performance, and swims with Pro Tuned precision for optimum lure vibration, both on the drop and when cranked.

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Head to Head- the 2014 Daiwa Zillion v the 2015 Daiwa Zillion


Having reviewed the Zillion TWS (2014 model) only last year the question is, is the 2015 Zillion TWS anything different. While the original Zillion released in 2007 quickly became a legend and its successor released in 2014 herald a new age for this much revered reel, was there really much that changed in a year?

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Ike’d Up

2015 Daiwa Freams

A put together a video of a visual walk through of 2015 Daiwa Freams 2500 spin reel.